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Dry Cleaning Restoration Services for Fire & Water Damage



Soft Goods Restoration Experts

EDR is a provider of specialized services in the restoration of clothing and household soft goods that have been affected by fire, smoke, water, or mold.

By utilizing state of the art products such as the Esporta Cleaning System, we are able to give specialized attention to items that ordinary dry cleaners can not clean.

We are capable of salvaging between 90 and 98% of soft contents affected in any given loss. Cleaned items are often restored to medical and food quality sanitation standards.

At EDR, we realize that possessions are more than just things. They represent irreplaceable memories. That's why we have certified technicians who work to restore belongings to their original state.

We work to restore peace of mind; and if we can't clean it, we won't charge you for it.

For customers, this means peace of mind that not only will they retain favorite clothing items and sentimental pieces (such as wedding gowns), they will be able to rest in the thoroughness of the cleaning.

For adjusters, this means immense savings, often upwards of 90% of the cost of replacement.